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What behavior can I expect from the flock after removing the rooster?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by littleandlewis, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. littleandlewis

    littleandlewis Out Of The Brooder

    May 30, 2011
    We have 6 hens and a rooster. All grew up together and are about 6 months old. The rooster was a "surprise" and after much deliberation ( and a few neighbor complaints at the crowing) we found a new home for him yesterday. I was wondering what behavioral changes we may see in the flock after the removal of the rooster. As far as we can tell the flock never had established a noticeable pecking order. And so far they don't even seem to notice he's gone.....
  2. LarryPQ

    LarryPQ Easter Hatch!!

    Jul 17, 2009
    They might not notice.

    After all....chickens can't count.
  3. Dutchess

    Dutchess Chillin' With My Peeps

  4. al6517

    al6517 Real Men can Cook

    May 13, 2008
    No change will occur, contrary to what may be said.
  5. Chick_In_The_Burbs

    Chick_In_The_Burbs Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 26, 2010
    Western Washington
    We got 4 chicks this year; all suposidly girls. Well, it;s a good thing 'Tiny' was a gender neutral name. [​IMG]

    It is illegal to keep roosters here so we found him a new home when he was about 4 months old. If anything, the ladies were happier with him gone. He had been a bit of a clutz.

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