What bread of chickens are these?


Mar 22, 2019
Supposed to be “meat birds” but some are so pretty/friendly I might just keep some! Any guesses of what they are?


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Supposed to be “meat birds” but some are so pretty/friendly I might just keep some! Any guesses of what they are?
I see 1 buff maybe-female, at least 2 buff males, and at least 3 males of the ones with white and black.

I agree with the previous poster that they look like Buff Orpingtons and Delawares.

My guess is that they are "meat birds" because most of them are males, not because of any other special reason. They will probably be fine as pets, if you don't mind a lot of crowing. But keeping one female with a bunch of males can be very hard on the female, so I would either keep males with no females at all, or keep the female and get some other females to keep her company.

Those chickens are definitely not Cornish Cross (the most common type of meat bird.) If you would like to keep them as pets, this is good news, because Cornish Cross do not live long and tend to be unhealthy once they get past about 2 months old. The ones you have should be as healthy as any other breed of chicken. If you do want to eat them, they will be fine to eat, but will never get as big as a Cornish Cross would (probably never as big as the chickens you could buy in the grocery store.)
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