What breed am I?


6 Years
Aug 24, 2013
Auburndale, Wi
I found a breed of chicken I do not have at a sale yesterday. The owners said they are 1 year old and are called ERMANETS (forgive my spelling) I tried looking this breed up but didn't find anything, probably due to spelling lol. Let me know what you think. Thank you for your help oh also they are laying nice medium to large brownish eggs. Thanks
PS: the birds are a little skittish but not too bad so of course the pictures are taken under the roosts, so I am sorry about the poop lol.


Welcome to BYC!

Very cute bird!! But I have no idea what breed your bird is. You might want to post this question in our What Breed section here on BYC. Someone there is bound to know...


Enjoy this gorgeous flock of chickens and welcome to our flock!
I will look up the two breeds mentioned. Thanks to everyone who responded, I got these two girls because of their speckled appearance and I like;) different breeds. They are just a bit smaller than my white rocks but bigger than my leg horns.
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Erminette is a color (it is commonly used as a genetics question if you want to google it) and the name of a breed, SandHill has Erminettes offered this year ... their info on them "Erminettes (AMB): Our now deceased friend, Ron Nelson, discovered this old breed some years back while travelling through Wisconsin. He obtained some hatching eggs and spent many years trying to get them back to their original status. Ron passed away a few years ago and his flock was maintained by a friend, Josh Miller, in a nearby town. Josh gave me a call last summer and indicated that because of numerous circumstances he could no longer maintain them. I was very impressed with them when we visited Ron the year before he died, but he just wasn't comfortable in parting with them at that time. Ron was a perfectionist. After Josh called, Linda and I went on a long day trip and brought back 22 birds. Many of them were from Ron's pens. We are hopeful to start offering them either late in 2014 or take orders for 2015. The internet is full of incorrect pictures so please use discretion. There is an erminette color and an Erminette breed. They are basically a white chicken with either black or orange flecks in the body feathers. They are a large breed that lays a pale brown egg, not totally perfected, but historical. They are excellent foragers. At this time we are only interested in placing them with serious folks who want to perpetuate the breed. Send a letter of interest and when the chicks become available we will share. We are planning to charge $5.00 per chick. We will be saving all of the chicks from the first part of the season and hope to have some by July 1. "

This is the picture of an Erminette that I found browsing the internet, I think that my two chickens look just like this? What do you guys think. Thanks

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