what breed and gender if possible?


8 Years
Dec 23, 2011
Maldives, vilimale'

this is chippy my chick of possibly 3.5 weeks. i got it from a local pet store out of a bunch of other chicks ranging from all colours and ages. the owner didnt know that chicken had breeds he jus thought they were different colours.. so i was hoping that u guys will help me with the sex and breed of this chick.. if you want more pics just ask..
help pls!

I don't know about breed. His posture and long legs seem game bird-ish. It's a bit too early to note gender, but that's quite an upright posture which can indicate rooster, but he's got skinny legs which can indicate hen. I know he's super cute and already has an impressive stink eye.
hehe.. thanx! a rooster
.... thats a bad sign :p ... yh he's awesome loves playing.. he'll do anything for a bug.. xD so i shud post later in a few weeks huh??
Yup. Post us another pic at about 8 weeks and we'll try again. Like I said, it's much too early to guess gender just yet. That baby's gonna change a lot in the next few weeks.
You really should have other chicks with it - apparently it is very difficult to integrate a single chick that has never been around other chickens before. Most of the time the minimum people will keep is 3, in case something happens to one.

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