What breed and gender?


Mar 20, 2017
The reason I’m unsure if it’s a rooster is because it’s 6 months old. Doesn’t seem as developed as a rooster would be, but I don’t know
At 6 months old, that could be a pullet getting ready to lay.

I don't see pointy saddle feathers, which would be a sure sign of a male.

You've listened for crowing and looked for eggs, right? Because either of those could answer the question :lol:

Breed is likely Easter Egger (wanna-be Ameraucanas that usually but not always lay blue or green eggs.)

Breed could be some other cross or mix, but Easter Egger seems most likely. The beard rules out most other common breeds and crosses. For example, it's not a Rhode Island Red or Red Sexlink, because those would not have a beard.

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