What breed and sex is this?


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Oct 20, 2010
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Can anyone helps us with this rabbit? It just showed up in our backyard and has been settling in ever since.
Someone in this forum told me that it's a Flemish Giant and it's a female and other opinions will be appreciated.
Thank you


x2 on the flemish giant. The dewlap would suggest female, although I've had several mini rex rabbits who are male with a dewlap....so that's not a failsafe.

Are you going to build a predator proof home for the bun? He/she won't last long in the elements without some protection and tlc.
It's been stand-offish and jumps away when we try to pet it. Will the rabbit try to bite or attack us? Sometimes we also saw it eating chicken feed a few times, is that good for them?
Yes scared rabbits will defend themselves against strangers. Mine tend to scratch rather than bite.
Get some rabbit feed. It is cheap. You can catch her maybe with a net. She won't hurt you. She needs to be caught and put in a hutch or something will surely eat her.
Rabbits like apples too. You could cut one up and offer it to her.
Flemish Giant female (doe)
Very pretty!

Get some rabbit food and offer it to her. Try to catch her with a net or something and let her calm down for a few days before trying to handle her.
Pretty sure you have a little girl there going by the dewlap. She actually doesn't look like a flemie to me from the ears to the longer tail. There are a lot of meat rabbit mixes that seem to be being released (at least in my area), and they tend to be mixes of things like calis, bevs (rarely), flemies, new zealands, etc. Actually, she looks like an American blue or American mix to me. Or just a mix. Or a meat quality flemie. Her ears don't look right for an American either. XD We have quite a few of those out this way for meat as well.

How big would you say she is?
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The only way to for sure find out the sex is to sex it. But most females have dewlaps. I also don't think its a giant flemish, it looks more like a meat rabbit. We have mixed breed meat rabbits for pets they are great

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