What breed are my chicks?


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May 19, 2015
I bought my chicks from my local tractor supply, they are pullets (well, they were in the pullet trough), I received different answers from different employees! I have three that are white with light gray specks on their bodies, but the specks are darker in the edge and under side of their wings, combs are already turning bright red! I have two that are white and brown (reddish) speckled with combs that blend with their beaks and the 6th is a pretty light brown color also with a comb that blends, all have 4 toes and bare legs!
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We will need to actually see the birds to help you ID them - so take a few pictures and post them here in this thread. Once we can see them we will be happy to help you sort everyone out!

Here's the light brown chick


This is what my three whites look like, the neck and wing area have the black speckles that look like leopard print and faint brown spots on their backs and wings

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