What breed are my new chicks either way they are really cute. Please help me Identify them.


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Apr 28, 2013
I got these from the feed store and I am not sure what gender or breed these chicks are. I believe that they are about 3 weeks and I know that they are bantams. If you have any ideas, I am open to breeds. I was originally looking for EE's, but I don't know if I got any EE's.
I am having a hard time uploading pics, but look at my avatar picture. These are the chicks that I am trying to identify.

Hello I just wanted update everyone what the chicks looked like with all their feathers. If that might help anyone. The little gray one really took a long time to get the full feathers.

any new Ideas.
The brown one looks like a Partridge Rock, but you said they were bantys. But, my Partridge Rock is small, so, I'm not exactly sure.
your white one ( far left ) looks like a Pekin.
Brown one is a partridge something haha.
Your other white one is a rooster btw ( if its 8 weeks ) and could be a White rock, White Leghorn of White Sex-Link.
Grey one could be a mix.

( not entirely sure but these are my guesses )
White bird on the left: Looks like a White Cochin Bantam
Brown bird in the middle: Partridge Cochin Bantam
Grey one: Not sure
White one on the right: Can't tell. We need a full body picture, as there are many white breeds.

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