What breed are these chickens, and are they too young to lay?


7 Years
Sep 21, 2012
This is our original flock.... had them for 6 months now, still no eggs. They should be around 8-9 months old by now. Do chickens suffer from group immaturity?
The Banty Rooster (not sure what type he is other than "pretty") showed up in our yard 2 days after we got the banty's.

Very pretty! The first picture is a Delaware pullet, she looks maybe a month or a few weeks from laying.
The one in the second pic.... a OEGB roo probably, and yea, deff a Bantam:)
For some reason the other pics wont load on here. I did manage to get them loaded in my photo album though. Just click on my avatar photo I guess. Those are the rest of the non-layers (bantys, 1 white pullet, 1 black pullet) plush the one in my avatar. Any answers on those guys? Thanks!
the first is a badly colored Brahma and the other is an oegb (blk breasted red). no she is not close to laying yet. with it being the winter and shorter daylight hours she will most likely not start laying till next year
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