What breed are these chicks


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Apr 10, 2014
Ft myers, Florida
I was wondering what breed these are they were listed at my local feed store as "arucanas" I don't know if they are though could they be EE or amerucana? Or are they arucanas

I think I see a little tail on the first picture - aracaunas are rumpless. It is most likely an EE, especially if you got it at a feed store.
I agree..unless you paid like $20 a piece, they are Easter eggers. True ameraucanas and Araucanas are very very hard to find...and are never in feed/tractor stores that I am aware of. But that is still a cute lil chick! :D
Green or blue or in between. :) I know that occasionally there will be hen that lays brown eggs, but my EEs only lay colored eggs.
We had 2 EE's in our last flock. One laid large blue eggs & the other medium size almost olive colored. Beautiful babies

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