What breed are these new chicks? -they are about 5 or 6 days old...


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May 10, 2013
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I thought maybe the first picture here: could be a Wyandotte, but I'm not sure.. They should all be hens that's what we bought them as.. The woman we bought them form got them from a hatchery. She said these were bought as mixed or rare breed layers.. I was hoping someone here would have some info on what breeds they are.. I'll post some more pictures when I get them, but for now this is all I have:

this one I think is a Wyandotte above ^

there are two like the one above ^

this one is the only one we got like her ^

I'm not sure what the first bird is. But, all your birds that look like #2 are Sicillian Buttercups. #3 may be an Australorp.
I agree with Wyandotte on the Sicilian Buttercup being #2. On Meyer hatchery.com they have pictures of the chicks that they sell and that's how I figure it out most of the time. :) Could you get more pictures of them now that they are a week older?

not sure what the one above is ^

ignore the Barred Rocks and Gold LInks.. I'm looking at the brownish one to the bottom right.. proably she and the one just like her was sicillian buttercup..

above ignore other chicks.. the one that is black and white speckled I'm not sure what she is either.. she is the one in the first picture of this post

sicillian buttercup? in the back right corner of the picture brown chick
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I'm new to chickens but the third picture looks like my rare hatchery baby. Someone on here told me she was a sumatra and looking at Meyer website I'm thinking they were right. These are pics of her when she was about 2 weeks.


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