What breed are these new little ones?


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Jun 30, 2022
I recently hatched four chicks. I was told the roo was a wyandotte. I have an easter egger, sapphire gems, a cornish cross, olive egger and a blue orpington.

The white chicks came from light brown eggs and are 6 days old. Wing feathers are coming in. They also have orange beaks and legs/feet.

The black and gold chick came from a light brown egg and is 4 days old. No feathers. It has a black beak, dark legs and orange feet.

The chipmunk pattern chick came from a blue egg and is 5 days old. It has the very tip of its wing feathers coming in. It also has an orange beak, dark colored legs/feet and puffy cheeks.

I believe the black and gold is a sapphire gem. It has a small dot on its head as well. Making me believe it is possibly a roo. Also has the attitude of one as well.

The white chicks are a little flighty but not too bad.

The chipmunk chick is super super sweet and wants to be held and talked to. It is a very curious bird.


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