What breed are these?


Nov 20, 2018
Box Elder South Dakota
Anyone tell what kind of breed of chickens I have?
The one in the back, close to the bowl looking thing is an Easter Egger pullet. The rest, are either Dixie Rainbows, or Hatchery Quality Rhode Island reds, or NHRs. :)
My reasoning for thinking they are a layer strain is because the birds are different colors, and some of the red hens have a little barring in their plumage. There seems to be a lot different hybrids with the word 'rainbow' in it, and these seem to be a little different for each hatchery. There are Dixie rainbows and rainbow rangers and probably more. I was thinking these birds were something like Hoover Hatchery's rainbows, which are mixed colors, including red barred, and dual purpose: https://hoovershatchery.com/rainbow.html

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