What breed are these?


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May 26, 2011
Have to pullets that I am unsure of.

The first is about 7 weeks old (i got here a 5 weeks). She is black with silver mixed in. She has black feet with feathers on the outer toes. She also has a black tipped nose. She is very calm and relaxed. She also hasn't chirped since Ive owned here but sounds more like an adult hen with her faint clucking. If i had to guess i would say she might be some type of Maran.

The second pullet I got when it was 4 weeks and is now 7 or 8 weeks old. I got her from a local guy who said she was a buff oprhington. When she was a chick she did look like the other buff's but now she doesn't. She is a light tan starting in her mid section to her tail and from the head to mid section she is a darker brown. She has no feathers on her feet and yellow legs.

I sure would like to know what these chicks are so any help will be greatly appreciated and I'm glad to join you all here at BYC.
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Thank you for your help. I think your right on the nose about the Red star but upon reading another post in the forums about Andulusions, I think that the black pullet is a Blue Cochin. (because of the feathered legs) But that just my rookie educated guess.
The second one is a sex-link, should be a terrific layer. The first one, I would have guessed andalusian also, except for the feathered legs. The body and feathers look all wrong for a cochin, though. Cochins are little puffballs, this bird looks more streamlined.
I live in Indiana and its raining right now but when it clears up I'll take more detailed pictures of the black chick.
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Here is a shot of my "Gold Star Pullet" red sex link, looks like yours...I have 2 of these.


Not sure of your other one, beautiful though!
From the newest picture, I see you dark girl is not black but Blue. However, I don't think she is a pure breed. Maybe a cross with a Cochin? Maybe a Blue Marans, but I wouldn't think so because you don't just happen upon Marans. It could be though. Definitely 2 pullets though from what I see.

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