What breed are these

they look like some variety of game...Im not really good with those, but there are lots of knowledgeable game keepers out there. Maybe add "possible game" to your title to get them to come by and identify variety?
some sort of game. our hens have simliar combs and they called her a fighting game hen at the fair (if i remember right shes a pumpken husley though
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They are Brass Back Albany's .they are game chickens .a fighting breed still in use today but were made popular in NY around the turn of the century. Don't know what crosses were used to make them. Should be very hardy ,will take good care of themselves if turned loose. Lay whitish eggs only spring and summer ,maybe into fall.nice chickens
The pea comb comes from some infusion of oriental blood sometime in the last 110 years. trust me on this.

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