What breed are they???


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Oct 4, 2012
NSW - Australia
Hello we have added to our flock of chickens so we now have, Australorps, Light Sussex and what ever these ones are. Meant to be Buff Sussex, but do not think they are, was thinking speckled sussex maybe?

Huh; well, I don't think they're speckled sussex. The specked ones are much darker, a chocolate color, and the chicks have those "chipmunk" stripes. Maybe a cross between buff and speckled sussex? You might ask the breeder if a speckled rooster could have gotten to the hens for awhile! If that is not the case, then my limited expertise (HA) is exhausted, and it's time for a real Sussex expert to advise!
Definitely not Speckled Sussex. What other breeds/colors do they offer? I'm guessing something red is in the mix.

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