what breed bantam is this??


7 Years
Oct 24, 2012
Fort Bragg, Ca
My DD and I went and picked up a BO and a GLW yesterday, and DD fell in love with this cute little bantam hen and I don't know what she is. She is very sweet and cuddly once you pick her up and she settles down a bit. She is pretty flighty at first and LOUD when freaked out. She hopped up on the coop ramp last night when we brought them home and DD was petting her and she just layed there while all the other girls tried to get around her to get in to the coop for the night. She also lays a small cream colored egg. Any help would be great!

Her cute little feathered feet!

Her with the 2 other new girls (who are in moult so they don't look so hot).

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