what breed do I have?

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okay people I thought I had BR chickens but the more I read on this forum [which I love!
] the more I'm thinking maybe I don't. I have several chickens that I just assumed were BR. [thats what we were told] , they are black & white like BR but some of them have yellow legs, most have whitish legs, does this make a difference? Also, I have one that her [ I think] head & neck is more white and then her body is darker. I can't find a pic of her just yet, I will post one tomarrow. I am posting a pic of the ones with yellow legs. Help me out here folks, please.
Oh, and do you think this is a roo? We are so clueless on sexing until they start crowing!
thanks to all,
He's a cockerel, too big/red of wattles and comb, along with his tail feathers starting to curl and looks like saddle feathers too. He's "filling out" just like the 9 i got from Ideal as warmth did.

ETA: what's he about? 4-5 months?
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ok here are the pics of the other 2 that have whitish legs they are 15 wks old. I'm not sure if the one with the whiter head is roo or pullet, any ideas?

this is Henrrietta [not sure on spelling]
roo or pullet, and is she/he a BR, notice the whitish legs?

and this is Rocky, pretty sure he is a roo, [maybe] is he a BR?


The first one is just a hatchery quality barred rock with one copy of the barring gene, he shows no signs of having red/gold in him, thats why I say he' not a sexlink.

The second one is also a boy, I am thinking cuckoo maran on him.

The last one is a barred rock boy with better barring but poor leg color.
If you look closely flyingpoo, he has a red feather on his shoulder area.

Agree with DT. HE is a black sex-link cockerel.

The Henrietta one you showed is also a cockerel and Rocky is a Cuckoo Maran cockerel (white legs.)

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