what breed do you own??


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Mar 29, 2008
the chickens we have are BB Red OEGB's, a white leghorn, a silver-laced whynadotte, and a RIR.

i was wondering what breeds of chickens all the chicken lovers on this website own.

you can include a picture OR description, and what is your honest opinion of the bird.

thanks for listening!!

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RIR: Dingus, Skittish, curious, nosey, likes having her picture taken
BO: Berta, Lap-chicken, ditsy, loves being center of attention
BPR: Harriet, no-nonsense, carefull, NOISEY!!, skittish.
I own a little bit of everything. over the years I have had just about every kind of chicken! Right now I have turkens, EEs, Sexlinks, cochin bantams, modern bantams, frizzles, welsummers, black giants, Malays, and a bunch of others.
Currently, I have silkies, showgirls, bantam polish, cochins, moderns, d'uccles, a cornish, and a turken
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I'm just starting out but I have 2 BO, 2 RIR and 2 EE.

Here they are pecking at some worms.
WORMS!?! My girls and I are SO ENVIOUS!! All we have up here is Snow and more snow...
Rhode Island Red hens, 8, I was given 10 pullets and was so happy and excited I gave 2 to my friend who was down to 1 old RIR hen and 2 americana hens- I was feeling such joy, I almost gave her more so we'd have the same amount of hens each but then I felt a tinge of stinginess and she ended up with only two...

The guy I got them from had too many and they were going into the cannibalism stages, two hens had raw bloody backs, the entire back. He kept one and gave me one, he cooked his and I began holding mine and favoring her. She is the lieutenant or at least the reporter of the bunch now- I did change the hierarchy doing that as she's Bossy Boo now, tells on everyone and chatters about everything, the cutie pie- her feathers grew back, even her tail feathers:)

I'm getting meat chicks soon and once the geese are out of my second hen coop, I'll get a small flock of buff orps w/a roo as my RIR's are not broody girls, they try and then forget...great egg producers though and I love the deep red color!
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So Far I Own:

Auracauna Mix
Bantam Auracauna
Black Australorp
Black Cochin
Cuckoo Maran
SS Hamburg Mix
SS Hamburg
New Hampshire Red
New Hampshire Red Mix
White Crested Black Polish
White Cochin
Buff Laced Polish
Black Jersey Giant
Blue Cochin
Blue Hamburg
Gold Laced Cochin
Golden Lakenvelder
Golden Campine
Grey Silkie
Partridge Cochin

for a grand total of 38 birds!
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So far I have:

Buff Orps (19)
White Orps (12)
Black Orps (?)
Blue Orps (?)
Orps of undetermined Color as of yet
Blue Rocks (5)
White Rocks (12)
Rhode Island Whites (12)
Delawares (12)
Red Sexlink (2)
Barred Rock (2)
Rhode Island Red (2)
Black Austrolop (2)
Speckled Sussex (7)
Silver Gray Dorkins (10)
My little ones are in heaven right now. Yesterday I gave them worms and today they get their first dirt bath. It was too funny with the worms though. One would grab one and run around the brooder with it chirping her little head off. The rest would follow trying to steal it from her. I just sat there watching all of them laughing my butt off.

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