What breed do you think my goat is? Pics included!


10 Years
Feb 20, 2009
Thawing Minnesota
Hi! We have a goat named Cody. We got him last summer with the intention of using him for practice with goat tying for High School Rodeo. Wouldn't you know it, our neighbor picks him up for us and he has huge horns, is very stubborn, and is fairly large himself. Now he is the family pet. I'm just curious as to what breed he is, and if you can tell about how hold he is. He is big (comes up to mid-thigh on me, and I'm 5'6"), brown, has huge horns, and his ears stick up (they don't flop).

Sorry the pics aren't perfect. In the first one he is eating part of a bag of feed (literally...the bag). He eats EVERYTHING!



More Pics!

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I don't know a lot about goats but he looks full of mischief.

lol...he is lovely.

god for you for keeping him as a pet.
Looks like a mini Togg or Mini Alpine . I havea mini alpine and he is as big as my La Mancha doe and she is very tall and large. the males can be rather large even if they are minis. He needs a friend and he wont get into so much trouble...Goats hate to be alone.

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