What breed has the most even tempered rooster?

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    Jun 16, 2010
    I have 11 hens that are a year old and 12 little chickies that are 8 weeks old. I have never had a rooster and didn't think I ever wanted or needed one. My boyfriend ( who is becoming quite the chicken farmer despite his original distaste for chickens) wants to get one for flock protection... Plus he thinks they are cool! I have misgivings. Do my girls really need to be harassed by a rooster? I told him I'd check and see if there was any particular breed that was known for roosters with better temperaments. Also, since my girls are in 2 different age brackets, is it better to get a rooster around the age of my older girls or is it better to get a cockerel? I have children so I am worried about a ornery rooster spurring them! What do you all think?

    Ps. How would having a rooster affect the pecking order? My head girl maintains a tight ship. Would she fight him for dominance? Just wondering!

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    Temperaments will vary within each breed. But, in general, some of the breeds you own already tend to produce more mellow roosters such Brahma and Australorp.

    If I were you, I would advertize that you would like to purchase a mellow rooster good with people and hens. Then ask if you can go visit the rooster on his home turf and see if he really is friendly to people while around girls.

    I would not get a youngster as the behavior can change when they get their own girls. Whatever rooster you get will likely fight with your head hen at first, but sometimes they surprise you and buddy up to the new guy, so who knows how yours will react.

    In any case do not forget to quarantine before ANY contact is made. Then if you allow them to see each other, but not make physical contact for a few weeks that also helps with the introductions.

    Roosters can be very entertaining and enjoyable, I say give it a try.
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    Silkies are nice!
  4. FuzzyButtsFarm

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    I [​IMG] Buff Orpingtons and the roos are very docile even as cockerals, but then I raised them.

  5. littlemissjellyfish

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    Jun 16, 2010
    Thanks for the advice! Craigslist always has Roos looking for good homes! Maybe I'll start there!

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