What breed is Blu?


Aug 12, 2019
Alright, So I have finally decided to ask what breed this pullet could be. Now, I purchased two different chicks, a prairie bluebell egger and an olive egger. They looked identical so, the moment they went into the transportation device (haha) - the mystery had begun. I was never able to tell which one was which until Blu had a green egg. Hazel is supposed to lay blue eggs by process of elimination - she has not yet begun to lay and Blu has since stopped laying. Naturally I assume Blu is the Olive Egger and Hazel the Prairie Bluebell Egger. OR is she laying green eggs because the Prairie Bluebell egger is an EGGER? I am having a hard time figuring out what Blu really is, she doesn't look like any Olive Egger or prairie bluebell I have seen in person or pictures. I saw a pic on google images once but could not find it again. Is she a rare breed? These are 2 beautiful birds this is just driving me NUTS!


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She's not a 'rare' breed, because a bluebell egger is a hybrid... a crossbreed. Same with the olive egger. If you breed a bluebell to a bluebell you will not get consistent results.
I agree, she looks like a legbar cross, with that crest.
Thank you! I will do more research. These new chickens I have are really holding out on me when it comes to laying. lol.

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