What breed is easiest to sex as day old chicks?

Yep, sex links, 'cause you can sex by color. I think that there are a couple of breeds that you can sex by color, such as wheaten americanas (i can't ever spell that word) that also have different colors at hatch.
The Wheaten color can be sexed by color, but not as day olds. You can't really tell until they start to feather in; more like 2-3 weeks.

Any of the sex-links are great for sexing as day-olds.
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I read that you can sex Welsummers...I did that for the 4 that I just hatched. We'll see if the internet was right when they get a little bigger!
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I agree. Welsummers are easy to sex. We figured out the gender of all eight of ours when they were day-old and got them all right.

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