what breed is for me?


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Aug 29, 2010
I currently have barred rock and red sex links, but i am having a problem with losing birds to racoon i have live traps set but i live in the country and they seem to just keep coming. my question is is there a breed of chicken that will be more likely to do good against racoon and yet still lay large amounts of brown eggs? any advise you could give me would be greatly appriciated
I had a Golden Campine once that survived a cat attack by going vertical and flying away. I was simply amazed as I watched from my kitchen window, then of course ran out there. They lay white eggs.

Raccoons are crafty though and even work in teams, I have read.

I will be subscribing to this thread....

(IDK of any breed that could survive those coons.)

I don't think any breed would survive if you are referring to nighttime attacks. I am assuming you mean daytime attacks.
i have had 2 daytime attacks this yeah one of which they took 5 hens and my rooster. another one late yesturday before dark hens were in the run and something (im assuming a coon) took one of my hens it could not get it thru the fence but it ate all the meat off the bone and tried pulling the carcass thru the fence. i cant even find where it got in as my run has a top
Andalusians are smart birds that roost up high in a tree, but they lay big white eggs. You probably need to invest in a good coop or a guardian dog.

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