What Breed Is It? Cochin?


10 Years
Oct 6, 2009
Dubois Co. Indiana
I am 99.9% sure they are Cochins of some type and all the hens are uniform in color.

I also got a pair of barred Cochins with them, and was told both types came from a hatchery and are about 9 weeks old.

Thank You for any help.

Here are some of the hens.


Sorry for the wet feet, they splashed in there water. The pitchers don't do these birds justice.
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I don't know what the hens are called in that pattern- looks different than my partridge LF, but hard to tell from the thumbnail. They have to be older than you were told- but nice little birds!

I LOVE banty cochins- they are loads of fun!
Definately Cochin, Hatchery I Doubt Because They Dont Look Like Any Standardized Color--- The Roo Could Pass For Partridge, But The Hens Look Like They Fall Somewhere Between Goldlaced And Partridge/ Black --- They Dont Conform To Any Color Really. They Are Alot Older Than 9 Weeks---- Cochins Mature Very Slowly And The Roos Wattles And Comb Are Fully Developed--- 9 Mos Old At Least, Maybe More--- What Does He Have For Spurs? At 9 Mos Old They'd Be Not Much More Than Hard Buds.

They're Very Attractive Lil Guys!
They are Golden Birchen color.In Game's they call this color Crow wing.In Cochin suppose to be Brown Black

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