What Breed is my Beautiful Buff color Chicken?


8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
I am new to this chicken world and purchased a total of 6 babies this past spring. I lost 2 by them fighting when they were about 4 months old. I now have this one Buff colored chicken and 3 chickens I think are Rhode Island Reds. They all come to me calling them and I think they are all hens but not sure. I thought I had one rooster as one had a big red comb that flops over it's so big and this one comes right up to me and is not scared by nothing but saw this chicken running back into the pen this morning when they were loose and when I went out later to check on it I found (her/him) sitting on an egg in the house. There was no eggs there when i let them out in the morning, so thinking that one is a hen now. I will post a picture of this one for everyone to see if you all agree. Thanks so much. Well I will upload a picture of both of them as soon as I figure out how. Sorry

Your pics aren't showing. You need to have 10 posts on BYC before you can post pics. So you can post here in this thread another 9 times or post in other parts of the forum to come up to 10 posts. Or you can post links to the pics at Facebook, Shutterfly, etc.

But so far, it sounds like you have a hen, and she's probably a Buff Orpington!

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