What breed is my roo?


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Mar 30, 2013
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I've been suspicious of Peggy Olson for awhile now, and with the recent appearance of golden saddle feathers she's pretty definitely a he. He came in a group of 13 chicks we ordered from chickensforbackyards.com, he is almost 3 months old. The original order consisted of 11 chicks, but they added a couple of extra. I was able to identify all the breeds we ordered plus one extra sikie and Peggy, who I assumed was an EE (we hard ordered 4 of them). I assumed this since his coloring didn't match any of the other breeds we ordered. See a picture of him as a chick below, the one with the brown head and gray body.

We've had two past rooster (still currently have one) and they always sprouted green tail feathers and this one has bright orange/gray. Has anyone had a rooster like this before? If we have 15 hens would it be okay to have two roosters together or is it better to rehome Peggs? See more pictures below:

I feel like it's still to ask the temperament of EE roosters since they are a mix of breeds, but doesn't anyone have a general idea of what they are like? Thanks for the help!
I'd say he's an EE. 2 roos tend to fight together, so you'll probably want to rehome one of them. As for temperament, I don't know (all my EE's have been girls) but if you'll probably get a feel for his individual personality soon.
Thanks for the input! The fuzzy cheeks also say EE. I figured as much with adding a rooster. Not sure I want to deal with another aggressive chicken anyway.
I've raised about fifteen Easter Egger roosters to adulthood, and only had one attack me. No bad odds.

Fifteen hens should be fine for two roosters, provided they get along. Raising them together in their youth, in a free-range situation is best. Fighting tends to occur a lot more in smaller spaces.
He's a handsome EE cockerel.

The reason he doesn't have the classic green tail feathers is because he has the blue coloring, instead of black. Blue is a dilution of black, so everything on him that is genetically black got lightened a shade to blue. The green tail feathers aren't really green, it's a sheen the black gives off. With the dilution to blue, that sheen isn't present.

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