What breed is my (Runner) mix?!


5 Years
Dec 2, 2018
Hatboro PA
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My Coop
A5693FDC-89E5-4878-BBBA-447B2845B8E1.png 245A67B7-C580-4EB9-920D-DC08044D4996.png B20EA671-4526-472D-A1C0-F0D340BA352F.jpeg EFB40986-E716-4C25-BF13-7CE87CFDAAFB.png Hello! It was assumed her dad was a white crested runner and mom was a fawn and white runner. Does this still look true as she’s now 3 months old? Her parents live in a large mixed breed flock so it’s possible she could be runner mixed with anything! Thanks for the help!
Not a pure runner for sure.
What mix is up in the air without knowing possible parents. Even then it would be unlikely to nail it down for sure.
There is the beginnings of a band around the neck and a large looking beak, which is why I guessed what I did

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