What breed is she? Purple skin, white feathers, and black spots.


Mar 11, 2018
Last March, TSC got a bunch of new chicks. In one bin they had Black Stars and Isa Browns. I got both of those kinds, but then they had tons of white chicks with purple skin and black spots. I asked their breed and TSC was clueless, they didn't even know what Black Stars were. They called them Hoovers. So I got two of the "unkown" white chicks. Theyre now a year old and lay brown eggs. They're decently friendly but not overly so. Their feathers aren't a snow white, but I don't have a white bird to compare the shade to. The black spots are small, being just tiny flecks on their heads and necks, then a little bigger on their backs. Their skin is PURPLE! I have black skinned chickens so I know what Black skin looks like, but these two are PURPLE! And their comb is single.


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Wonder if they had paint Silkie in their background. Some silkie combs appear purple and crossing a breed with walnut comb with a straight combed breed - can produce funky combs
That does make sense.. gosh I hope I come across more like these, I love them to pieces. They seem pretty cold hardy, I had bad frostbite this year and neither hen got any! Tomorrow I will try to get pics of the other hen, she has a light brown tint on her throat. Which would lead me to agree they are mixed breeds.

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