What breed is she?

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8 Years
Dec 5, 2011
Durham, ME
This is/was Rosie, our first chicken that showed up living in our rock wall one day and became a pet. Unfortunately she liked to roam quite a bit and is no longer with us. I want to get another bird of this breed, whatever it is.

Yep, looks just like my EE. Just get more than one next time, as they like to have friends. She may have been wandering to try and find a flock to hang with!

Now lets see if I can figure out how to post a picture of my EE, who looks just like her......
I'll have to try it on my regular computer later, not the ipad.
Anyway, EEs are not really a breed, they are just any chicken that has a blue egg laying gene mixed in. You will get alot of variety when you look for another one. Mine is like yours, no beard, but lays a nice big pastel green egg.
Looks like an EE to me! Have three just like it.... except mine have the fluffy cheeks! Its like a partridge coloring I think.

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