What breed is this "Cream Legbar?"


May 13, 2016
I believe I was bamboozled by the local feed store. I bought a chick that was supposed to be a cream legbar (paid 8x the cost of the normal chicks for this "specialty breed"), but she does not look much like a cream legbar to me. She favors my Welsummers, but there are definite differences. She is a very dense/heavy bird and has really soft feathers. Her leg color, feather colors and design don't look like the legbars I've done research on, although she did look like a female cream legbar when she was a chick. Anyone know what breed she might be?

No. Sadly, you do not appear to have a Cream Legbar.

She should have a crested tuft on her head, be more silver-grey in body (with ghost barring...the bar part) and her hackles should be silver-gold.

She looks more like an EE or just plain mix....compare her also to a Partridge Rock. She may be hatchery quality PR.


Thanks for your feedback, LofMc. She's a sweet girl; just wish I would not have trusted this place when building my first flock.

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