What breed is this little fuzzybutt


9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
North Central Texas
Can anyone tell me what breed my new little chick is? Also, how old and, if possible, gender. Thanks so much!
How can all of you say Easter Egger when you can't see the leg color? I don't see muffs or beard, and considering that Brown Leghorns, some Old English Games, Speckled Sussex, Dark Cornish, Barnvelders, and Welsumers are a few of the many other breeds that can be 'chipmunk' striped when chicks, I am not be so fast to say EE because of color.
I'm voting EE because I can see little tuffs on the cheeks AND the body coloration. I have three in my brooder at the moment. It's also the angle of the picture that hampers the view of the face.

However, I agree that seeing the legs would solidify the matter. =-)

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