What breed is this pullet?

Pharm Girl

9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
I bought her from the local feed store in a bin marked 'Speckled Sussex,' but I have my doubts. I know they can speckle out later, but her feather color pattern is leading me to think she might be a Welsummer. I'm no expert on either breed. What do you think? She hasn't a speckle on her yet, the bright spots on her tail are sun in the first pic.


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that's not a sussex. that's not a wellie, either they have slate legs, maybe a light brown leghorn? i can't see the comb too well, is it a single comb? it's those green eyes that are really throwing me off but i think she's a leghorn.
I'm so bummed as I was hoping for a SS in the flock. If she is a brown leghorn, will she lay white eggs? I don't have a white egg layer. At least I would have something to be excited about.

Oh yeah, single comb I believe..
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The worst part is, she's the most flighty and unsocial of my littles. I'll still do an egg dance when I see a pretty bright white egg. Maybe I'll have room for an SS or two next year. Chicken math strikes again!

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