What Breed is this Rooster?


11 Years
Jun 21, 2008
I asked about him several weeks again, and opinions were mixed. He was sold from the hatchery as part of a mixed batch of roosters, so he should be pure bred something, but no one seemed to be able to tell what he is. Maybe now that he is older, it will be clearer. His legs are white. He is 21 weeks old.



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Pure bred mutt!
Yes, hatcheries have "oops". They all do, no place is perfect. Stuff happens.

Call him an easter egger if you want to call him something. I can't really think of any particular breed that would throw that coloration with those colored legs. He is of a heavy egg layer stock, so that leaves out your mediterranean breeds, any game breeds, and asiatics (no feathered legs).
he looks similar, but not the same as my ISA brown rooster--which is a mix between rhode island red and rhode island white. he could be a comet roo like the other person said, but looks definitely like a sex-link roo which is a mix.
Yes, I think I will have to agree he is some sort of sex-link roo. Just wondered if maybe I could nail down exactly which type. It is very hard to find pics of the various sex-link roosters on the internet, and he doesn't match any of the pictures on feathersite. The black tail is throwing it all off. Could just be a mutt as well. Either way, I'm keeping him for breeding. He is very large already, and I was looking for a rooster that would breed larger sized chicks.

Yes, keeping an eye on the spiral bands (not zip ties). I have some larger sizes that just came in, so everyone is getting checked and moved up a size or two accordingly. I have had a couple of problems in the past, so I am very vigilant about checking them frequently.
So, light-sussex female with what as the male?

By the way, he was entirely yellow as a chick. The only way I could tell him from the white rocks, were by his lighter legs.
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