What Breed is this Rooster?


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Aug 13, 2013
Recently, I bought a 25 week old Rooster and I wanted to know what breed it is?

I would also lie to know the Pros and Cons and rating or maybe a website that talks about this rooster?
Well he has a rose comb, and is buff in color. Clean legged. Upright tail. Are his ear lobes white or red I can't tell by the picture. Do you know what other breeds the people you got him from have. Is possibly a cross of what they have? Are those spurs that I see? Or a fifth toe? If those spurs are that long I would question that he is 25 weeks old. He may be a buff leghorn if he has white earlobes and is a full size chicken. There are banty breeds that look like that.
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Well They bought it from someone else and kept it for Summer but since winter was coming they wanted to sell some of there chickens so I don't know?
Looks like a crossbreed. Might have some Wyandotte in him, accounting for the rose comb, as well as a buff breed like Orpington. He's older than 25 weeks, probably around a year of age.

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