What breed is this?


May 7, 2017

Hello, my name is Monika and I am new to this board. My kid is in 1rst grade and they hatched some chicken in her classroom. Now we are proud owners of 2 (10day old) chicken. What breed do I have and as a first time chick owner do you have any advice for me. At this stage can you tell if there is a rooster.


They are cute!

The top one "looks" like a Silkie.
And the bottom one "looks" like a Buff Orpington!

I would hate to mislead you, but I hope I am helpful!

-The Angry Hen

The first chick looks like a Silkie or a Silkie cross and the second I believe Plymouth Rock or Leghorn (or mix). Do you know where you got the eggs? Also they are two young to sex but if you post again when the second one is at least 6 weeks we maybe able to tell then (silkies need to be older that).
No, I have no idea where they got the eggs from. The first one is "Crystal" she came home first on Thursday after that we learned that chicks don't like to be alone. On Monday the teacher said that all of those chicks were gone but there are other new chicks that had hatched over the weekend that's when we got "Rachel" on Monday. In the classroom they had an incubator with about 20 eggs mix of brown eggs and white eggs. Rachel is more calm whereas Crystal seams a little crazy.
May want to find a local feed store with chicks in stock and pick up a few sexed pullets. Hatched eggs have about a 50% chance of being male. And some hatches only yield males.
Depends. Most males that grow up together get along or at least tolerate each other. Some will fight to the death. The bigger question is it's legal for you to keep them or not. If it's not legal in your town or neighborhood, then you will have to rehome any that do turn out to be male. That's why I suggested getting a few vent-sexed chicks, just in case.

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