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I bought four chicks at feed store the first of May their 21 weeks old no egg yet , the sign on pen said RIR & red leghorn. I know I have one RIR & one Leghorn but the other two look like Golden Comets see what you think.
thanks MAXX I feeled like that was what they where if they had been cows ,goats or horses I would have known, but this is the first time to have chickens. I like your coop & chickens, I start by building a chicken tractor wasn't big enough.I have 60'x12' run now and building a larger coop maybe get some more chickens . DOES THIS EVER END
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Oh you didn't know its an addiction
our 6 for some fresh eggs is now over 150 and hatching today and more in the bator.My dh spends nearly every weekend(after building all week) building coops and fencing off our horses pasture for chickens..poor horses
We have lots of leghorns in most every color 21 weeks is kind of late for them not to be laying for you..watch those red ones though we have a broody that has never laid an egg for us but she is obsessed with raising chicks
Yes that's golden comet aka gold sex-link. at 21 weeks they are about to lay give another week or so around 22 wks. is the magic number for this type. I got five in April right after Easter, they were about 2wks. old then. They are laying now and have been for a little over a month. I had two start then the other three started all within another week or so. Just hang in there. This cross is very productive. It won't be long you'll see. I just love mine they're just as rotten as my dogs. Nosey and very friendly girls. Have fun with them.

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