What breed is this?


12 Years
Sep 5, 2010
Hi I just received my order of 25 Rainbow Layers from Mcmurray. We also got a few extras and a "rare chick" so I'm wondering what breed it is. I'm thinking Cochin but not positive. We got a huge assortment and I'm super pleased with them. They all arrived alive and energetic. I'm guessing this is the rare breed because of the feathered feet. So is it a cochin? Also what color would it be considered?


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Could also be a Golden Laced cochin, the look pretty similar. I gotta say I am a little jealous that you just received a box of new chicks!!! Makes me want to pull out the McMurray catalog again.
Oh a Mille Fleur d'Uccle would be neat! I'm not a big fan of Cochins, not sure why but they just don't float my boat. Hopefully its a hen and then I can add it to my collection. They other chicks are soooo cute. I'm not keeping them though. I order chicks when they are on sale and raise them till they can be put outside and then I have a bunch of farmers that buy them from me. It saves them the work of dealing with chicks and I get to see new chicks all the time. I don't mind raising them so it's more fun then work for me.

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