What breed is this?


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May 29, 2011
I have two heritage turkeys but i have no clue as to which breed they belong to or if they're mixed. this is the Tom. could someone please help to identify .


i'm sorry but the pics aren't all that great
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The shiny body, barred wings, and light creamy tips on the tail coverts and the tail reveal a standard bronze base. The golden color of the wing coverts suggest a single red gene, but I can't quite tell if the wing coverts are gold or grey. A standard bronze with a red gene would be a red bronze, but they wings and coverts should be a little darker. Perhaps it has a single grey gene that's lightening the coverts and secondaries. Does the hen look the same?

My guess would be standard bronze with a red and grey gene. This is a guess.

here's a better pic
the hen looks kinda the same
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Maybe now I'm thinking no red gene. I thing the red would darken the cream tips of the tail coverts. Maybe a bronze wih a grey gene. You could test this. If they are both bronze with a grey gene, and you breed them, then 1/2 of the offspring would look like the parents, 1/4 would be bronze, and 1/4 would be Oregon gray.
guess you were right with the red gene cuz 1 outta the 3 poults are red.

after seeing your poult pictures, it is clear that both your tom and hen carry at least one red gene. They are probably red bronze and I just couldn't decide what color was showing through.

Could you put up a picture of your hen? It would be educational for me.
I'd probably have to wait until she gets off her eggs, but i'll post one when i can
lagerdogger pics of the hen
they arent that great though.


she's more chocolatey than he is.

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