what breed is this?


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Sep 28, 2013

Hi. A family friend had these chicks show up in their yard and they lived in the tree next to the house for a couple of weeks. we took them since we have chickens. they were separated from the others for 5 weeks. although they're still smaller than the others, i put them in the coop with the others today. a couple of our hens (delaware and a rhode island red) picked on them a little, nothing bad. then these two went after our older australorp. i've never seen anything like it. they were attacking to kill. no amount of shouting stopped them and i had to physically separate them.

I'm guessing the one in front is a rooster(tail feathers, size relative to the other, and it was the primary attacker). the other is a little smaller, and doesn't have the orangish feathers or crest the one in the foreground does. they are smaller than our other chickens. they aren't australorps.

does anyone know what these chickens are? and is there anything to do about this hyper-aggressive behaviour?

thank you.
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The one with the red color on wings and back is a boy... can't see the other one, but if its solid black, no red on neck or back like him, it might be a girl... as it seems to be lighter in build. However it does seem to have two pointy looking tail feathers....

They appear to be oriental game of some sort or oriental game mix which would match the "attitude" they have.

Basically they are bred to be more aggressive, especially at meeting new chickens. They can calm down and tolerate the other chickens as long as they are not challenged again. Perhaps let them free range if you already do that with your chickens and let them 'settle their disputes' when not so confined.... if the new birds turn out to be the winners and are not too harsh with the others, they can go in or you can let them mingle on free range but separate at nights for a while.

IF both are boys and they have a high degree of "game-ness" it may be necessary to separate or get rid of one in a bit. High game stock almost always end up turning on each other even if brothers in the same brood.
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