What breed is this?


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Jul 23, 2014

This hen is about 17 weeks old and fairly large. She was hatched in with 5 polish mixed eggs, one is in thepicture with her.
What do you think she is?
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Do you think that she could be a Sex Link mix? I have been looking at many different breeds and I think this is about as close as I could find... Do you agree?
Looks like a Black Sex-link to me, though it is possible that she is just a random barnyard mix. Pretty hen!
looks like it has black feet and feathers like an Easter egger. so half Easter egger maybe.
She does not have any feathers on her feet. Her feet are a dark grey though... Don't know if that means anything. She has finally become pretty. She was my ugly one for a long time and all of a sudden she is getting red in her comb and her feathers are becoming prettier! She is also my largest hen! She is as large as my cat! Lol :)

Thank y'all for the input. I like to learn more about my birds!
She looks to have a straight comb, so that cuts the chance of blue or green eggs down quite a bit.

If she came in mixed breed eggs, my guess is she's a mixed breed hen. Could theoretically be a sex link, but then again sex links are really mixed breed birds, just mixed with a purpose. Any way, she's a pretty hen who looks like she should be a nice layer of brown eggs.

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