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6 Years
Aug 11, 2013
Hi all, so I want to get a few more chicks for my small flock and I was wondering what breed you think I should get? I was leaning to wayadotes or arrucannas, but I have herd arrucannas are flighty and we have a lot of predators and I was worried wayadotes might be to flashy and not blendin to the environment. Right now I have barred rocks and a mystory hen. The new ones world be raised by hand because I want them to be friendly. Thanks for you for your help :)
There are lots of breeds to choose from and each has it's own set of good and bad points, some take long to mature and some lay better than others, some don't lay very well, some tend to be more broody and some seldom if ever go broody, some breeds are flighty and some are friendly... Make a list of what you want in your chickens and go through the Breeds section and see which breeds tick the boxes for you. Also read through the breed reviews and see what the members' experiences and impressions with the different breeds were.

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