What breed of chicken is this


5 Years
Sep 7, 2014
Tallahassee Fl
This bird was sold to me being labeled as a wellsummer chicken but doesn't look like one to me any ideas on what breed it is
Well, definitely not a Welsummer - is the comb a single comb that is just flopped over in this shot or?
I would lean towards a New Hampshire red........
My guess would be a New Hampshire or Rhode Island Red crossed with a Buff Rock. She looks too light in color to be a purebred New Hampshire, IMHO. I also don't see any black speckles in her hackle (neck) feathers. She looks a lot like my Rhode Island Red x Buff Orpington pullet, except mine has the white Orpington legs, hence my guess of Buff Rock instead of Buff Orp.

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