What Breed Of Chicken Should I Get to Fit Me?

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  1. WindStep

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Hello WindStep Here,

    Ok my parents are worried about ordering from Ideal poultry because they are worried they might bring diseases to my other 20 chickens and they have gotten me worried as well, but they said that if I really wanted chicks then I could have 12, but 6 would have to be excellent layers and 6 would be of my choice. So what I'm getting to is what are 6 of the most exelent layers and 6 of the most beautiful chickens?

    Thank You,

    P.S. Even though I said my parents I am not THAT young.
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    Feb 25, 2011
    Hi, if you are ordering day old chicks from a hatchery I wouldn't worry about disease. They have a good immune system for the first 3 days of their life. It is after that if someone starts raising them ontheir farm and you bring in started birds that you could have problems.
  3. WindStep

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Thank You That Helps.

    If anyone else wants to post Excellent layer breeds or/and Beautiful breeds or just want to add some more on the diseases you are more than welcome. [​IMG]
  4. cluckcluckluke

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    Excellent Layers: ( Mediterranean breeds. Economical eaters. Good for turning little food into eggs. Flighty )

    Leghorns. White Leghorns are the best purebred layers but you can also get many other colours in Leghorn that are fantastic layers as well, eg: Blue, blue-red, brown, exchequer, black etc.

    Minorca's - Similar to Leghorns.
    Lakenvelder's - Rare.
    Domonique - Rare.
    Dorkings - Old rare breed.

    Dual purpose: ( Heavy breeds. Still good layer. Eat more than Med breeds. Less flighty. Friendly. ).
    Rhode Island Reds - Red and White.
    Plymouth Rocks - Barred.
    Sussex - Speckled, buff, platinum, light, silver.
    Australorps - Blue, Black.
    Faverolles - Salmon, black.
    Delaware - White.

    Dual purpose: ( Heavy breeds. Steady egg layers ).
    Wyandottes - Many, many colours of lacing.
    Langshans - Good winter layers.

    Colourful egg layers: ( Blue eggs. Green eggs. Chocolate eggs. Pink eggs. )
    Araucana's - Blue or green egg layers.
    Ameraucana's - Blue, green or sometimes a pinky cream.
    EE's - These are mixes and can lay Blue's, greens, pinks, chocolate coloured eggs depending on their mix.
    Marans - Lay very dark brown eggs, almost milk chocolate in colour.
    Barnevelders - Dark brown.
    Welsummers - Dark Brown.

    Colourful breeds: ( Not the best egg layers but make up for it in flamboyant colours, long tails, weird feathers, feathered feet. ).

    Hybrids: ( Prolific layers. Eat a lot but lay and lay and lay. Burn out after 1-2 years. ).
    Sex-Links ( Also called Red stars, ISA Browns, Goldlines. ) - Black, Red, White, Amber.
    White Leghorn Hybrids.
    Rhode Island Hybrids.

    ( These are most certainly not all the breeds and all the information on the breeds listed. Not all colours have been listed either. )
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    Feb 28, 2013
    Battle Ground, WA
    Guess I'll be the one to point out if you're ordering from a hatchery it doesn't matter what you get, they'll lay really well for a couple years then burn out. There is no practical difference between one breed from a hatchery and another, they have removed the individuality in the interest of production.
  6. cluckcluckluke

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    Oh....Well I don't have them where I am so I was unaware of this. Sorry Windstep just ignore what I posted.lol.
  7. Triple Willow

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    Mar 1, 2013
    I have about 7-8 different breeds from hatcheries. Some lay really well, some not as well. The best layers I have are the Delawares, Australorps and Columbian Rocks. Friends who have had chickens for years recommend Australorps, White Rocks and New Hamp Reds for long term laying. A friend just culled a 7 year old Australorp which laid really well up until the last year or two.
  8. WindStep

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Thank you all!
  9. WindStep

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Just what to ask something else what chicken breed goes broody like crazy?
  10. Triple Willow

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    Mar 1, 2013
    One of my Aussies went broody as a pullet. I let her set on some eggs and she did great at hatching and raising her chicks. In fact, her babies should be laying about the time she turns a year old. A lot of people have silkies for hatching and raising chicks, also Cochins I believe. I've heard Buckeyes are good as well as American Game Bird hens. And there are others I'm sure.

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