What breed of geese to get?


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Apr 17, 2011
I'm wanting to order some geese from Metzer Farms this spring. I only want two though, because I have 6 full grown duck already and I'm hatching mallards this spring as well, so the two geese won't be alone when they get older. Anyway, I want a breed that is not as loud and that would be nice and not as aggressive, I've heard it's all how you raise them though. I also want a breed that would be a good show bird. I'd like to have Super African geese, but I've read they are a bit mouser. I also like the Toulose breed as well. What's your experience or intake of these breeds or any suggestions to breeds would be great too! Also, the geese will have a nice sized pond and 7 acres to range on during the day when they get older too. Thanks!


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Oct 31, 2008
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We got out geese from Metzer farms - a pair of Pilgirm and a pair of Sebastopol. We chose them because they had a reputation for having a good temperament and they proved to be very sweet and got along fine with our ducks. I think the Metzer web site has a helpful chart that rates breeds according to the characteristics you mentioned and more, so if you haven't seen that, it is worth a look.

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Apr 14, 2011
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With geese, it is how they are raised, not the breed. If they are raised to respect you, they will behave. If they are raised like spoiled lap dogs, they can get very pushy since they think they have the right to act like overly spoiled children and you are supposed to do as they demand.

They are too smart and too big to be allowed to think they can do as they please. They must be raised with rules if they are to be well behaved.

I do not know if you will get show quality geese from Metzer. I know for a fact that it is not the place to purchase Blue Swedish ducks if you plan to show, but I am not familiar with their geese, other than to know that they are well cared for and well raised.

If you want to show, I suggest that you spend slightly more money and buy from a show breeder.

If you want Toulouse, Holderread is famous for his Giant Dewlap Toulouse. They are a good choice for showing: very showy, nice calm natures, very often big winners.

Really good Sebastopols are excellent for showing. They are eye catching. But they must be top quality if you want to show them. There are several really good breeders of Sebastopols on BYC.

I recommend Pomeranians for showing. They are very eye catching; the judge will notice them. My Poms are quite dignified, and other than feeding time, they are quiet.

All breeds of geese are loud when they set up an alarm, which they will do whenever they see anything unfamiliar.

Any breed of geese can win at shows if they are good enough quality. Flash birds are the easiest to show because they catch your eye. Good judges can also pick out top quality birds in the less flashy breeds.


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Sep 29, 2009
Metzer's birds are not show quality.
What does mouser mean?
Their super African geese are not actually Africans, but as close as you can get to one when ordering from a hatchery that is not Holderread's.

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Aug 11, 2011
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To share my own research; Pomeranians, Buffs, Tufted Romans, or Pilgrims would probably interest you the most. Cotton Patch if you can find them.

Holderread is the gold standard for quality, but you may have to sit on a waiting list for a while, and they've stopped breeding pomeranians altogether.

As far as I know the only non smaller breeder source for pomeranians is Ideal Hatchery out of Texas. Cotton Patch are the most docile geese I've heard of and they are only available from breeders.

Buffs, Romans and Pilgrims can be had from either Metzer or Ideal and both are hatching now. For backyard and homesteader quality, I've been very happy with Ideal stock from both places in general. Very vivacious hatchlings, and well conformed adults.

If you want exhibition birds, by all means buy exhibition stock. That is why they exist, but both places seem to do alright by the 4H crowd.


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Dec 8, 2011
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After much thought and planning I am awaiting for my first baby Toulouse geese. I ordered three, 2 female 1 male (I really only wanted to order females but they dont do that). I also have a friend who has a 2 yr old male Cottonpatch she is giving me, she hopes to hatch eggs from her other cotton patch and will give me a female as well. So I wil have three toulouse and two cottonpatch eventually. I will keep all except the male toulouse. I only want one male on the grounds. I have learned from bad experience that too many males is a nasty imbalance in the goose yard. I also have three 6 week old pekins. Once sexed I will keep a pair one male one female. For my yard I think this will be plenty and hopefully a cohesive flock. My goose/ duck yard is about 28feet X 52 feet, random water ponds and more dirt yard that grass. The fencing I built is 8 feet tall on three sides and ther 4th side is the back of my house. I made the fence so tall because cottonpatch can fly. I chose cottonpatch and toulouse because I hear they have friendly more quiet disposition. I really wanted Pilgrim but couldnt find any. I went to see a couple of other geese for sale as young adults 10 months or so but man the chinese is the noisiest thing I ever heard and the Africans I went to look at were very agressive. Again, planning is most important. Good luck.

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Dec 17, 2011
Jynxster, yay for ordering toulouse... and lucky score on the cotton patch too!!! Where did you order them from? When will you get them?? I can't wait to see pics!
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