what breed rooster does she need? help pls! :)


8 Years
Mar 27, 2011
southwest Michigan
My sil has black sex links. She wants to add a rooster so she can get fertilized eggs and hatch her own chicks...but she wants those chicks to be good layers and meat birds for future eggs/meat. What breed roo does she need to add to her flock? Is the blk sex link a mix with a barred rock? Would a br roo work? Thanks in advance!
Usually they need the same breed that they are. But I'm not much of a chicken person ask jta_Iowa (i think that's her name) she knows a bit about chickens

I'm sorry I didn't get to help much.
Just about any big, Dual purpose rooster will work on the Black Sex Link. Delaware, Plymouith Rocks, Rhode Island Red, etc.
Sounds like she needs a rooster from a heavier breed that lays well. There are several choices.......Buff Orp hens get to 7 lbs while roos are 8.5 lbs & they are good egg producers, the Black Australorp are excellent egg layers, with roos weighing 8.5 lbs and hens at 6 lbs, now if she wants a really big bird, with good egg production, she could choose the Black Jersey Giant, roos being 13 lbs and hens at 10......

Sooo many more choices......New Hampshire Red....Delaware.....Wyandottes......Speckled Sussex.....The skies the limit! LOL

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