What breed should I get next?

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    Oct 8, 2012
    I currently have Orpington hens, an Orpington roo, a RIR roo, and a Sussex roo. The RIR is heading to the pot soon because of his extreme aggression twords my dogs, cats, and family. The Sussex is soon to find another home on another farm. I have also had a Silkie. We had to get rid of the Silkie because of him getting picked on by the roos - he was obviously much smaller than them. I'm looking into what pullets I want to get next and need some ideas. I deffinately want them from chicks, not eggs. I want hens that will fit in with my current hens well and that my rooster will be ok with. I need a pretty good egg layer with a good temperment. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. Austrolorp
    Brahma <3 <3
    Cochin<3 <3
    Wyandotte <3
    Red sex link
    Black sex link
    Red production
    Black production
    Plymouth / barred rock
    EE/ameracauna(either is fine, but they're 2 different things)
    Turken <3
    Jersey Giant

    Just a few, XD

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