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What breed should I get?

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Elzy, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Elzy

    Elzy In the Brooder

    Hi there,

    I am going to be getting about 5-6 chooks by the end of this year, beginning of summer 2014. I have basically decided what breeds I will be getting, but I'm not sure about the last breed. The breeds I have already chosen are two Rhode Island Reds (RIR) and two Barnevelders (Barnies). I chose these because they are first of all good looking chickens, good layers and apparently pretty friendly. I'm happy with this choice but I'm trying to find the last breed. I was thinking either Australorp or Orpington. Can anyone help me out, name a few pros and cons about the two breeds, name any other breeds that might mix better with RIR or Barnies. Or just some advice, since I will be a beginner. Thankyou [​IMG]

  2. redsoxs

    redsoxs Crowing

    Jul 17, 2011
    North Central Kansas
    Greetings from Kansas, Elzy, and [​IMG]! Pleased to have you aboard! You will get as many opinions as there are breeds as to which breed to choose to fill out your flock! I'm partial to Speckled Sussex, Delawares, and Red Stars and Black Stars. I think the main difference between Australorps and Buff Orps is coloration. They are both great birds but it seems my Buff Orps tend to go broody more than I'd like.
    As a beginner you might take a tour of the Learning Center - it is full of great information - here's the link.


    And here's a link to a chart that compares several breeds:


    My final bit of advice involves your coop. The recommended size is 4 sq. ft. per bird but go bigger in case you ever add birds...and you'll want to. Finally, use hardware cloth, NOT chicken wire. Chicken wire won't keep out a hungry predator.
    Enjoy your chicken adventure!!!!
  3. Elzy

    Elzy In the Brooder

    Thankyou [​IMG]
  4. BantamFan4Life

    BantamFan4Life LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO. Premium Member

    Jun 15, 2012
  5. Elzy

    Elzy In the Brooder

    thank you. Any more facts or interesting things about Orpington's? I think that's the breed I've decided on I really love the buff Orpington, they're so gorgeous :)
  6. drumstick diva

    drumstick diva Still crazy after all these years. Premium Member

    Aug 26, 2009
    Out to pasture
    [​IMG] you may want to go to "where am I, where are you," to locate and post on your state thread. This way you will find out what breeds do best in your area, plus people who may have them available. It's likely someone from your area will be on BYC and maybe you can get some first hand experience.
  7. Elzy

    Elzy In the Brooder

    Okay thankyou for that tip :)


    Mr MKK FARMS Crowing Premium Member

    Sep 27, 2012
    Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us! [​IMG]
  9. liz9910

    liz9910 Crowing

    Apr 8, 2012
    Northern California
    Welcome to BYC!
  10. Elzy

    Elzy In the Brooder

    Thankyou everyone [​IMG]

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