What breed would this gander be?


8 Years
May 25, 2011
We go 4 geese a while ago, 2 male and 2 female. 3 are embdens, white with blue eyes, but one is a different colour, has a different sort of shape above the eyebrow area, and is a buff/linen colour. He also has brown eyes...

I recently incubated 4 eggs from them, all 4 were fertile, one died early on, one died in shell (not sure why, it had pipped) and two hatched out. I have no idea who the daddy is but they are cute...


He's a beautiful mutt.

Since he's mixed, he's technically not any official breed. But if you would like a guess on what could be in his bloodline I would say Buff Goose and Embden.
He is a feisty mutt for sure.
He takes on our dobermann at every opportunity, so wears a few scars on his beak. He came to us with a broken toe after a pony stood on it, and recently he tore a toenail off - no idea how- so has been almost permanently limpy. He is a very protective lad though, and I admit I really do have a soft spot for him.
One of the goslings kind of has his eyebrow look, so maybe he is the daddy of that one. Either way, these goslings are staying here! Maybe the next lot can go to new homes!!
Remind me they are adorable after they have screamed at me for over 30 mins because I dared to leave the room...my gosh they can't half make some noise. I ran back in thinking one had impaled itself or got a leg stuck or something. Nope, just stood there looking at me, went quiet and then proceeded to stuff itself full of food then shake bits all around the place...including me!
Lost one of the goslings today. Had them out in the garden in a dog crate- which I used with the cockerel chicks as well. Seems my dog got them out from the crate, and "loved" one to death. The remaining gosling has puncture injuries on its chest and behind its thigh. Almost looks like she was trying to pick them up. I am sure if she meant to kill them, she would have eaten them...or run away with them. DH said he found her "mothering" the dead gosling. I am heartbroken. Our first hatch. I have patched up the gosling with aloe/honey etc. I have been holding her regularly to keep her comforted- down my tshirt! She is very quiet, but has since eaten and pooped. Am just worried she will pine for her sibling. Should I try and find a gosling similar age, last time I put them in with my runner ducklings- much smaller- the goslings got bullied!

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