What breed???


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Jul 22, 2016
Saint James Missouri
Thank you for the info and the welcomes. I bought these from a person who raised chicks, they were suppose to be cinnamon queens but I could tell they were not ( I have some friends that have cinnamon queens and could tell they were different ).
What type of egg production do have and any advice on how to keep them happy and healthy?

Considering that there are at least 2 cockerels in the group, keep them on a grower or flock raiser type feed. Don't offer layer, as it's strictly for birds that are actively laying. When they get to be about 18 weeks, set out a separate container of crushed oyster shell.
Production Reds are very good layers of large brown eggs. They aren't quite as prolific layers as red sexlink types (cinnamon queens), but they are still top-notch layers. And they aren't quite as prone to complications in their laying systems.
What do you mean cockerels???? I have them on a gamebird grower right now, has about 30% protein and some scratch mixed with it. I also have a separate feeder with grit in it too. I have a 5 gal water container with regular water and a 1 gal water container with electrolytes and probiotics. Am I doing it right????

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